If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to get in touch & we'd be happy to answer any question you may have. 

1. Do you offer mobile grooming services?
No we do not. At this time, all grooming and bath services take place at our Hanover location. The only in home service we offer is In Home Pet Care which includes feeding, dog walking, administering medications, letting out for bathroom breaks and any other small pet related tasks.
Our Salon is located directly next to the Stork Club: 700 7th Avenue, Unit 6. Hanover, Ontario. N4N2K1

2. Do you offer stand alone nail trims? I have never been to Groomtastics before.
At this time, nail trims are only offered within either Full Service Grooming or Bath Services as long as it can be done safely. We will never endanger your pet. Once your dog has been in and we know your dog, if you find they need to come in for a nail trim between grooming or bath appointments, please contact us for further details and we can definitely set up Nail Appointments!

3. Do you kennel my dog?
We are completely kennel free - which means that it is very important to show up on time for your appointment and return to pick up your dog at the specified time. Being kennel free also means that our dogs aren't kennel dried. Each dog is hand dried by us, ensuring a stress free experience. 

4. What if I am late, or can no longer make my appointment? Is there a fee for missed appointments?
As a small business, same day cancellations and no shows have a direct and detrimental effect on us. Each day we have a fixed number of of spaces available for grooming & we always look forward to to seeing all of your smiling faces & wagging tails! Because of this fixed number, we do have a stand-by list of friends waiting to be groomed.

If you find that you won’t be able to keep your scheduled appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice so that we can attempt to fill your appointment slot. The following fees will be charged accordingly: 
⦁    A Same Day Cancellation fee applies for any less than 24 hours notice. A $10+ fee will be charged on your next appointment. This fee can range from $10 up tp 50% of the cost of your booked appointment. Repeated Same Day Cancellations may result in having to pre-pay your appointment or refusal of service.
⦁    A No Show fee will apply when someone doesn't show up for their appointment, doesn't contact us and we cannot get in touch with them. A $15+ fee will be charged on your next appointment. This fee can range from $15 up to 50% of the cost of your booked service. Repeated No Show’s may result in having to pre-pay your appointment or refusal of service.
⦁    Late Arrivals: We are unable to take dogs that arrive more than 15 minutes late to their appointment, as we are appointment based & need to run on time for all clients – the Same Day Cancellation fee will apply. 

All charges will be made at the groomer's discretion are subject to change. 

5. What types of payment methods do you have? Do I pay before or after dropping my dog off?

We currently offer debit, credit and cash. We can also accept email money transfers if received before your dog leaves. You will not be asked to pay until we complete the service, as prices can vary. If you are a regular client with no varying price, you are more than welcome to pay in advance if you'd like!

6. How much do you charge for a [certain breed]?
We price our Full Service Grooms by a combination of factors such as breed, weight, condition of the coat, and the amount of trimming/shaving that needs to be done. If you contact us with the following info, we'd be happy to provide you an estimated cost.
As always, all prices include HST.

- Breed
- Age
- Weight
- Any burrs, matts, knots, etc.
- Health conditions
- Any behavioral issues
- When they were last groomed

7. When I drop my dog off, is there a place for me to stay and watch?
Like most professional grooming salons, we do not let owners stay and watch their dog being groomed. This rule is in place for a variety of reasons but we will touch up on a few of the most important ones below.

1. We are an open concept salon. Meaning, we just don’t have the space. Our table, drying area, and bath tub are all located in one general area. Making our salon a very busy and noisy place.
2. Insurance. Due to insurance issues owner’s are not permitted to stay with their pets. Insurance companies have limits on who they will cover, which happens to be only the owner/operator and employees. Being that a grooming salon is usually full of dogs, many of which you will not know personally, if you were ever to become injured insurance simply would not cover it. We like to ensure our clients are safe, and cannot guarantee that when they will be around unknown dogs.
3. Simply put, your dog behaves better when you’re not around. Much like children, dogs are usually better behaved for strangers than their own parents. When a dog comes in to be groomed, they know it’s not play time. Grooming requires us to train the dog to behave a certain way so we are able to get our job done safely and properly. If you are there, your dog will be focused on you and not the groomer. Meaning that they will likely be barking, jumping around and desperately trying to get your attention. This understandably is very dangerous with scissors around.

8. Approximately how long will my dog need to stay with you?

Depending on the service, the time varies on how long your dog will need to stay with us. Majority of Full Service Grooms take 2 hours to complete, while bath services vary from 1-1.5 hours on average. When you drop your dog off with us, we will usually be able to give you a specific time to return at. If not, we will arrange to call or text you when your dog is ready to be picked up.

9. Why is brushing so important between grooming appointments?

To stimulate the skin and allow natural oils to circulate. The oils that are naturally present in your dogs fur help to control shedding, and keep the fur healthy and shiny.
To prevent knots, matts and build up of dirt. Brushing between grooming appointments helps prevent knotting in the fur as well as matts, therefore making the next grooming appointment go more smoothly. Also, brushing allows you to see any foreign objects caught in the fur such as burrs or ice chunks, which if left in the dogs coat just get progressively more tangled and painful for your dog, and eventually end up having to be shaved off.
To keep an eye on your dog’s overall health. When you brush your dog regularly, you automatically establish a baseline for what’s normal and start noticing things that deviate — bumps, discolorations, and, yes, tumors. And while you’re at it, this is also a good time to check eyes, ears, and teeth.

10. Can I walk in to make an appointment?

Walk-ins are not preferable or recommended. This is because grooming requires us to be highly focused, and every interruption can be troublesome for both us and the dog. We understand that sometimes you may not be able to call, but please try to contact us through one of our other methods before coming into the salon.

Phone: 519-477-0385 (call or text)
Email: info@groomtastics.com
Click here to send us a message on Facebook

Lastly, please make sure to take your dog out for a bathroom break before coming into the salon. Dogs like to mark their territory, and having a full bladder during their stay here can not only be uncomfortable for the dog, but it can be messy.